Our story begins

with a family


by horses...


  • Individual care, feeding, and training program

  • Heated barn and indoor arena

  •  200’x200’ outdoor and 200’x72’ indoor arenas with footing updated by Four G Surfaces in 2019

  • Outdoor grass riding field 

  • Climate-controlled lounge with full bath and WiFi 

  • Tack room with washer/dryer 

  • Paddocks designed for individual turnout 

  • 24-hour on-site staff and security 



Throughout the years, we have established an ethos of excellent horsemanship, impeccable care, and the drive to learn and compete.

We offer boarding, training, and lessons at every skill set, from beginners (ages six and up) to the highest levels of the sport. Whatever your goals are, our staff is prepared to support you in every step of your journey.


Who We Are

Head Trainer Mackenzie Crookston

Barn Manager Terri Berwanger

Mackenzie and Falco 2021.jpeg

Around the Farm

Sarah grooming Ragazza
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smiling staff
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The welcoming committee
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Staff relaxing
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Roxy with tennis ball
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Marike patting Carbo
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Kim walking Linus
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Kim, Braden, and Chief
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Kim and Chief trotting 2
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Horse Shows

Marike and Carbo in field 2
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Marike and Carbo trotting
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Marike and Carbo in the field
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Marike and Carbo posing
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Marike patting Carbo 2
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Marike and Carbo in the field 3
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Kim grazing Linus
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